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6th-Dec-2010 09:15 pmStuff...

This is a bulk post - so much to say and so little time and space to say them.


Supernarual - 610 - Caged HeatCollapse )

In other news, Supernatural won their cover on TV Guide I was excited to vote because Misha was there and well, he sort’ve tweeted about it. Now I’m bummed 'cause Misha has been CUT out of the cover and while Jenson has always been a pleasure to gawk at, I’m not a fan of his photoshopped (?) cover appearance. He looks more like he belongs on the cover of a comic book rather than TV guide…

 And speaking of comic book --

Those who have yet not read the last issue of Buffy Season Eight Comic and those who don’t care for mega spoilers (who have lived under a rock or who have AMAZING restraint against web infesting spoilers) look away…


Buffy Season 8 #39Collapse )FYI, I am utterly enjoying my world where no one that is not Joss is making a Buffy movie. It’s a nice world, the air is clean, the water flows fresh and people just cannot stop talking intelligently, occasionally dropping a Whedonesque like term just for fun.  

On a more ficcie positive note, I have apparently been nominated in the The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Best Author, Best Original Character Pairing (Spike/Raven -- really?!), Best Unfinished (Splinter). Thanks muchly for all noms and votes! I promise I hadn’t given up on writing - it’s just so hard to separate it from work these days.  

blood by AlidaHush
11th-Oct-2010 09:27 pmStuff...

Wow. This took me by surprise. I was nominated at White Knight Awards again this time for my story Now or Never. 

Totally forgot about that little scene. Thank you whoever nominated me!

inside scoop for you LFS readers, part 16 is coming  up real soon! Like tomorrow soon.

ETA:   Now or Never won in its category, thanks to those who voted for this little bit! 

spander by Liz
11th-Sep-2010 02:59 amStuff...
"You'll be in love 'til it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other 'til it makes you quiver."

This Spike quote from way back when came to me while I was trying to wrap my mind around the newest S8 BtVS issues ...

*pops back into the abyss that is RL before alarms sound*
spike by Peace
16th-Apr-2010 04:33 pm - noms 2.0
This has been a cool month!

I am nominated at the The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards *smooches nominators* and the voting is now up!

Check out the nominated fics (I have a new reading list, yay!) and the couple of mine listed below.

I am nominated at  for Best Author and Best Characterization (Spike), Best Comedy and Best Slash for Messing with His Head.

Also, my co-writer lusciousxander and I are nominated for La Femme Spander for Best Unfinished.

Thank you! :D 
blood by AlidaHush
5th-Apr-2010 07:44 pm - noms
Oh! RL has been giving me brain malfunctions if it does anything other than work, so I forgot to share this tidbit. I was nominated in a couple of awards. Yay! *is all fandomy warm and fuzzy* 
Absence of Light Awards

Empty is nominated at theabsence_oflight  for Best Ficlet. Voting has started. If you like my ficlet, please vote for it. There are a lot of great fics nominated as well, read, vote and let fandom be. :)

Also, I am nominated at The Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Best Author and Best Characterization (Spike), Best Comedy and Best Slash for Messing with His Head -. Dunno when the voting will be though. 

Thank you for who nominated me! *mwah*

spike by Peace
5th-Mar-2010 11:36 am - Watching Psych…


Shawn said to Lassiter: “We’re Shassie”.

Fan service, thy is a blatant gesture but a delightfully squee inducing one none the less :D

blood by AlidaHush
1st-Mar-2010 07:23 pm - La Femme Spander: Part Fifteen
Been a while oh-gentle readers. Hope this is worth the wait! We aim to entertain.

Title: La Femme Spander
Authors: lusciousspike & lusciousxander 

LFS Part FifteenCollapse )
spander by Liz
I come ridden with a fic rec (it was just a glance, curious and all at this shiny toy, few hours later here I am!) and vid ---- damn new fandoms to mind numbing distracting hell! (First Psych now this) Mmmm, new slashy fandom smell, oh how addicting is thee.

Why can't I quit you?!

Stirring the writing bug in me Fic The Greek Problem

And feeding my perpetually young fangirl Vid:


*whispers* I shall be seeking some pretty fics to satisfy this new hunger… *glares at RDJ and his crazy expressive eyes*

I demand deleted scenes!
SEX by kazzy-cee
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