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A Mirage of Possibilities
Don't believe everything you see...
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1st-Oct-2011 04:15 pmStuff...

Oh SHOW! ;____; I love when you hurt me good like - it makes it so much better when you COMFORT me!

....... Right?


*slinks off to watch BBT huddled in her brown trench coat*

Lorne-NFA by Zugma
25th-Sep-2011 07:42 pmStuff...
As an answer to if I'm still in the living albeit shrouded in fandom shadows with unrelenting hefty RL chains, I give you a quick meme done while waiting for the washing machine to do the good magic it does. 

Rules: Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime. Underline a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it. If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order), but you must delete one show for each one that you addRead more...Collapse )

clean clothes, yay! off to the dryer...
blood by AlidaHush




SPN 6X19Collapse )

Next week can't come soon enough!
Lorne-NFA by Zugma
16th-Apr-2011 02:34 pm - THIS

totally lifted my spirits after watching the recent episode and Cas' performance compelled me to Spoiler zone where my heart will be threatened with breakage until it gets snuffed or saved when ep 20 airs. IN THREE WEEKS D: Show you hurt me and I'm scared not in a good way.
blood by AlidaHush
23rd-Mar-2011 08:17 pmStuff...

I hate to be doing this, but I’m setting my journal’s privacy setting to receive comments from registered users only. I’ve been getting too many anonymous spam and ad comments that’s driving me insane.


I’ve come to this decision after a lot of thought, comment screening and noting that most of my commentators if not all lately are LJ-ers while those anonymous have been trash bin spam. To any non-user out there who wants to comment on one of my fics, please don’t hesitate to email me.



Peace out.

SEX by kazzy-cee
30th-Jan-2011 04:19 pm - Spike got hitched!

Or at least James did :p We all knew he and Pat got engaged recently (well, I think we ‘all’ did) but I was taken aback when James so casually mentioned in a vid that he was married. Gesturing to his ringed finger. Did I miss an announcement? P 

Doesn’t matter really. It made me grin. Because JM deserves to be happy and knowing how he spoke about Pat all these years she makes him happy. 

So congratulations to the happy couple! Patricia, you are one lucky gal. Who likes slash. *two thumbs up*

spike by Peace
20th-Jan-2011 12:41 am - Fandom Sins Meme

Sifting through my history, snagged this from delwynmarch.


Fandom Sins Meme!



(Self inserts, mary sues, and the likes)


[] Written a self-insert fic? (Only in my head, no paper trail)

[] Given an in-series character your hobbies, likes, or dislikes? (If it did, it wasn’t consciously)

[] Created a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu? ( again, only in my too active imagination )

[] ... And then zealously denied they were one?

[] Invented and populated an alternate universe so complex it might as well be an original novel?

[] ...And then eventually decided to make it into an original novel?

[] Claimed a given character as YOUR boyfriend/girlfriend/exclusive drooling property? (not exlusive, I was taught to share ;p)



(the money you've shelled out for fandom goodies)


[] Gone without basic necessities to get fandom necessities instead?

[X] Spent over a hundred dollars on fandom related good at once? ( BOXSETS! )

[] ...Over five hundred? (Not at once, but yeah)

[] Purchased dvds, doujinshi, manga, etc. directly from Japan?

[] ... when you don't speak/can't read Japanese?

[] Bought music, food, cherry flavored lube because you saw your favorite character enjoy it in series?

[X] ...Because you saw it in a fic? ( Count Chocula. Too sweet )



(Cosplay and mimicking characters)


[X] Cosplayed an age/gender/weight/body inappropriate character? ( I WAS YOUNG! And he was a real person *is not improving her case*. I was peer pressured into it. But I must say, I made a mighty lovely man ;p)

[] Cosplayed a character you know nothing about?

[] Cosplayed as a love interest of your favorite character just to get cosplay attention from said character?

[] Made out with someone because of who they cosplayed?

[] Stalked someone online/at a con/at school, because of who they cosplayed/RP/remind you of?

[] Claimed a character as your muse/soulbond/head mate?

[] Claimed you ARE a given character? 




(Flame wars, shipping, and other rage inspired by fandom)


[] Started or been involved in a flame war over a pairing? ( I observe and comment but do not get too involved - I singe easily )

[] ... Over someone not writing/RPing a favorite character "right"? 

[] ... Over someone claiming 'your' character as theirs?

[] Written a fic just to bash a character you don't like? ( too much effort. Also, I might end up liking the character after getting deep  - I’d like to keep not liking who I don’t like, thank you. Actually, I hurt the characters I like more. )

[] ...and killed them horribly in the fic?

[] Hated a ship or character because of someone who supports/RPs it

[] Ended a friendship because you don't ship the same things?  ( That’s silly. Then what would we discuss and debate if we agreed and liked all the same things. Boring. )





[] Written/RPed/drawn lemon as a virgin? ( I claim the 5th. )

[] Used something you read in a fic/RP on your RL boy/girlfirend?

[] Wrote a completely impossible crack pairing smut which became a fandom staple?

[X] Can you recommend fics by kink?  ( I never tied it. But if I can bring them to mind… maybe )

[] Suggested something on a kink meme and then fulfilled your own request?

[X] Written/enjoyed a kink that completely squicks you in RL?  ( Oh God. Yes. Isn’t that the point? )

[X] Discovered a kink because of fandom? ( More than you would believe! Unless you are part of the fandom, then you might believe more than I know ;p )



(All nighters and other gluttonous consumption of fandom goodies)


[X] Watched an entire series in one sitting?

[X] ...And it was more than twenty episodes? 

[] Eaten only anime-related foods (pocky, suchi, etc.) during a marathon?

[] Played any sort of anime drinking game?

[] ...Created an anime drinking game?

[] Applied for a character in an RP just so that no one else could RP them?

[] Claimed all the fics for your fandom/pairing in a kink meme?



(Blowing shit off you need to do for fandom things)


[X] Stayed up all night RPing/reading fic/watching anime/playing video games when you had school/work the next day? ( Ah, to be young and free again. To watch that show/anime for the first/third time. To read just one more chapter in that fic, just want to see their reaction - sun coming up long before The End… I need a vacation! A real one, with just me, my fandom and no RL interruptions)

[X] Asked for an extension on something you didn't do because you were reading fic/RPing/watching anime? ( I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. And I didn’t, it was because I was lucky and/or pushed myself to get it done )

[X] Read fic or RPed while at school/work? ( printed fics in small font and hid them inside a boring class book. Wrote the best lines to my fic in my notepad while the teach was droning on )

[X] ...And it was smut? ( I - cannot say either way. If it were, it was encrypted, in shorthand… )

[] Made things up because you were too lazy to check series facts for your fic? ( NEVER - unless it was relevant to the plot, but I would twist it with the series facts the best way I can )

[X] Filled out a fandom related meme when you should have been working/doing homework? ( I should be sleeping now, does that count? )

[] Created a fandom related meme when you should have been working/doing homework? ( nah, would never get around to finishing it and would delete it in frustration )




0-7: Fandom Virgin - You are a pure, untouched soul. You've never been in fandom before. In fact, you probably aren't sure what it is... Just don't ask us to be gentle, okay?


8-14: Fandom Saint - You're a saint! You've done so little wrong in fandom! ... In fact, you're kind of boring ( ouch, harsh meme man, true. but harsh! ) Go out and write some smut already!  ( do I need to be out to write smut? oh, that's what I've been doing wrong! )


15-21: Repentant Sinner - You've made your mistakes in the past, but you're ready to let that go. With some good fic or fanart, you'll be in the fandom gods’ good graces again. Now get on your knees and show me just how sorry you really are.


22-28: Middle Way - You're a walking contradiction. For every good fic and thoughtful review there's a flame and a self-insert to balance it. You're a fence-sitter, neither good nor bad, though you have the potential for both. So make up your damn mind already!


29-35: Bad Influence - You're certainly not the worst that fandom has to offer, but your fandom soul is more than slightly tarnished. In fact, you might be responsible for the corruption of others. But you probably don't feel sorry about it.


36-42: Damned Sinner - Where am I? Where are we going? And why am I in this fandom shaped handbasket? ... Well, at least we've got really good smut here.


43-49: Fandom Demon - You've done it all, been around the fandom block, and baby, you don't even regret it. Satan could learn a thing or two from you.


blood by AlidaHush
19th-Jan-2011 11:22 pmStuff...

Oh, wow. Splinter won for best original pairing of Spike/Raven. Thanks everyone! Makes me even more embarrassed that the progress is so slow it seems like it had stopped. I really hadn't stopped plotting the story, all of this is just an incentive for me to work harder and get my act straight.
Go here to check out all the winning fics.
blood by AlidaHush
16th-Jan-2011 03:03 pmStuff...
Came out of the woodwork because James had to freaking say that!

If Capt. John Hart and Spike ever crossed paths, what do you think the outcome would be?

Wild homosexual sex!  Because Spike hasn’t had homosexual sex in like 100 years, and Captain John is so sexy, you know? 

*head desk* Thank you, Mr. Marsters. It is not bad enough that I pondered this meeting post-Torchwood ep, you just had to cement the HOT MONKEY VAMPIRE ALIEN SEX!

I wish I liked Torchwood enough to write a crossover – like mental bleaching but less with the Tabula Rasa pain and with more ficcie satisfaction.

blood by AlidaHush
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