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Female. Earthling despite circulating rumors and personal closeted fantasies. Is regularly confused with being a vegetarian due to discontent with the taste of meat except isn't all that fond of vegetables either. Resents the words "picky" and "eater" combined but doesn't deny them. Likes spicy, salty, sweet, sour and crunchy foods. Standing on a crossroads for a very long time - doesn't acknowledge the demon but doesn't pick a path either. A master in humor-deflection and philosophical-bombarding. Is an open book except for the invisible text. Trying to save the world but the manual is really hard to read.

I write and read fan fiction. Everything I do mostly revolves around Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I am a slash 'ho, see my Fiction List, but I do write short MiSS fiction.

I sometimes f-lock my story for the first/second day, just until I had time to review it... only those who are willing to read jumbled words dare enter the page at that crucial time. Friend me and let me know in a reply if you're one of those brave, brave people, so I'll give you access. But really, it would take no more than a couple of days before I unlock it, so basically everything locked is Me Vs RL.

I adore Spike. He is my favorite character and James Marsters is a talented genius! Smallville fooled me with the Clex love but it was worth it to see the amazing Michael Rosenbaum at work. He and James should so work together… Oh! They have! But they should again. If only Joss would snatch those two to perform the evil deviant workings of Lord-Whedon's mind… as extremely talented Dolls.

My and lusciousxander's fiction (both co-written and solo) can be found in our still under construction site:
Sinfully Luscious

Feedback is the vital nourishment for striving authors, pushing them to forgo sleep, write some more and hopefully get fed frequently. Authors are like plants (not akin to virtuous cacti) you need to shower us with glistening juice, feed us regularly, give us kind words (what? You don't talk to your flora?) and with enough luck you'll be able to sit for a while and enjoy the view.

Some people seem to have policies on friending *shrug* I don't. However, I barely have time to do a lot of things, so I really can't keep up with LJ much, or my f.list, so please don't be miffed if I friend you and don't read/comment much at all. I will try my best, but Real Life is a bitch right now (as per usual) and I barely have time to be online much. Also, sometimes if I find that you've friended me and your interests resemble mine, I might friend you (so don't freak *wink*). Word of warning though, f.locked stories are mostly kept that way because I've yet to edit them, therefore say you choose to enter them and there's a side affect of cringing due to grammar/spelling Elf Monsters' tampering, don't come crying to me! *flutters lashes* But those brave few would be oh-so-kind to point them out... delicately, 'cause, it's really not my fault if evil pixies like to mess up well-structured verse.

Moving on. If you want to friend me, please, do so. I have no qualms regarding friendings *pauses a moment to behold the grammar novelties*. The more the merrier. I might even be aided to break out of this iron leash forged by the evil RL (it has happened before)!

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